Mooresville Home Sales Up 20 Percent in 2012

2012 was a good year for the Central Indiana real estate market, as towns and cities everywhere saw significant improvements in several key stats, particularly closed sales, pending sales and listings. As concerned Mooresville, there was a lot to like. For starters, the Mooresville market enjoyed a 20-percent increase in total sales as a total […]

Mooresville Market Shows Healthy Signs in October, 2012

The Mooresville real estate market brought showed some very healthy signs in October, 2012. Normally, October is the time of year when colder temperatures bring with them an overall slowing of activity. But not this time. Versus the previous month, sales climbed 33.3 percent, reaching a total of 28 when all was said and done. […]

Mooresville Real Estate Market Fails to Improve in June, 2012

The Mooresville real estate market left a lot to be desired in June, 2012—at least if you were trying to sell a home! The stats did not favor sellers to be sure. Starting with total sales, there were 8 fewer closings in June, 25 percent fewer, compared to the previous month’s total of 32. But […]

3.4 Percent Fewer Homes on Mooresville Real Estate Market in May, 2012

A quick glance at the latest figures for the Mooresville real estate market and it would be easy to characterize May of 2012 as a bad month. But a closer look shows this is not necessarily the case, at least not with respect to 3 key indicators. Yes, it is true that total sales fell […]

Mooresville Pending Sales Rise 7.1 Percent in January, 2012

There were 2.6 percent more homes for sale in Mooresville in January compared to the previous month. But January’s total of 157 listings is down 7.1 percent compared to this same month 1 year ago. Plus, the average number of  homes listed for sale per month in Mooresville Indiana fell 4.8 percent relative to this […]

Mooresville Time on Market Improves in December, 2011

In a market that doesn’t exactly suffer from a shortage of real estate it’s a good thing that the total number of Mooresville homes for sale fell 5 percent versus the previous month. Compared to last December’s total of 159 total listings were down 3.8 percent in Mooresville Indiana. In way of comparison, there were […]

6.4 Percent Fewer Mooresville Homes for Sale in November, 2011

While there were 4.1 percent fewer homes for sale in Indianapolis Indiana in November compared to the previous month there was a 6.4-percent drop in Mooresville Indiana during this same time. Moreover, Mooresville’s total of 161 listings in November represents a 3.6-percent decrease versus this same time 12 months ago. There were also 6.7 percent […]

Mooresville Real Estate Market Has the Right Stuff in June, 2010

Just one month prior, the Mooresville real estate had suffered the largest single decrease in pending sales in 15 months, falling nearly 52 percent. In June, 2010 it proved quite resilient as total pending sales rebounded a surprising 25 percent. While this is down 13 percent from June of 2009 it is also taking into […]

Mooresville Total Pending Sales Total Cut in Half in May, 2010

The total number of Mooresville homes for sale rose 10.5 percent, from 19 in April to 21 in May, 2010. Compared to last May’s total of 158 this was an increase of 7.6 percent. Also on the rise—barely—was the total number of Mooresville homes for sale, from 169 in April to 170 in May. Compared […]

Mooresville Home Sales Down, Listings Up

The not-so-good news for the Mooresville real estate market was that a 3-month trend toward increased sales was broken in April as the total number of homes sold dropped 10.5 percent. The upside to this is that there was a more-than-compensatory 18.2 percent increase in the total number of pending sales, from 22 in March […]

Mooresville Home Sales Unchanged for 3rd Straight Month

When it comes to home sales, the Mooresville real estate market has been a model of consistency since December of 2009. For the third straight month the total number of homes sold has remained unchanged at just 16 sales.  Compared to March of 2009, however, sales were down 30.4 percent. Fortunately, there was a 17.6-percent […]

Mooresville Real Estate Report


While the time spent on market for homes in Mooresville, Indiana reached a 15-month high in January, at 138 days, the situation was dramatically improved in February as homes spent an average of just 63 days on market.  This is also a 28-percent decrease over the 12-month average of 87.8 days spent on market. Not […]

Mooresville 2009 Real Estate Forecast for July

When Heartland Crossing developed a few years ago, the scenery for shopping and housing opportunities in Mooresville homes changed. While still close enough to Indianapolis to commute to a job, Mooresville is a great location to live just outside the Indianapolis real estate market. How is the Mooresville real estate market compared to the rest […]