Gray Brothers Cafeteria: Restaurant and Catering in Mooresville

Only about five miles Southwest of the Interstate-465 that encircles Indianapolis is the town of Mooresville, Indiana. Inside this smallish town is the Gray Brothers Cafeteria, one of the restaurants locals gravitate to when they’ve worked up a real yen for Midwest comfort food.



In the first place, this family-style cafeteria has been comforting Hoosiers with food for several generations running, since back in 1944. Home-cooked everything is on the menu at Gray Brothers Cafeteria. You can get a great smoked sausage with sauerkraut, real fried chicken, delicious homemade chicken or beef noodles, barbecue ribs, baked chicken and rice, Swiss steak, lasagna, fried catfish, roast pork with dressing, Chipotle chicken, baked fish with breading, meatloaf and much more. The restaurant’s menu reads like the Who’s Who of comfort food.

Comfy desserts are real crowd pleasers too at this Mooresville restaurant, from the peanut butter pie to the sugar-free cherry to the strawberry shortcake and peach cobbler. And Mooresville kids aren’t left out they can order from their own children’s menu at Gray Brothers Cafeteria.


Catering is a popular way to go for a party in Mooresville, when it’s not convenient for the whole group to go out to a restaurant. Many other small nearby cities in Indiana also choose Gray Brothers to feed their guests, and why not, when the menu is full of favorites and priced right. Gray Brothers even provides the place settings, disposable or real china, and the wait staff for your special get-together.

Gray Brothers is now making an assortment of their delicious frozen pies. These go quickly for your fundraisers. You can arrange to get from 500 to 1,000 pies at a discount, then sell them to your supporters and  keep the difference for your fundraising efforts. Ask the staff at Gray Brothers, they’re experts.

Gray Brothers Cafeteria and Catering
555 S Indiana St
Mooresville, IN 46158
Phone Number:
Catering: 317.831.7234
Fax: 317.831.3345

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