Mooresville High School

Mooresville High School is located in Mooresville, Indiana, just South west of Indianapolis downtown. As the only high school in the small Indiana town, Mooresville High School serves all the Mooresville kids in town. With nearly 1300 enrolled students annually, Mooresville High School is one of the larger central Indiana high schools.

The Mooresville education system is one of the oldest in Indiana. Established in 1861, it was originally called Friends Academy. Initially it functioned as a boarding school, where students would rent rooms from Mooresville residents. Today the school building is on the National Historic Register for its deep connection to Indiana history.

Faculty and staff at Mooresville High School operate under the idea that they will educate students by creating a caring environment, using effective communiciation and employing critical thinking. Students at Mooresville High School are deeply invested into Mooresville education. As valued members of the Mooresville community, students are encouraged to engage with their hometown on an academic and social level.

Because of this students at Mooresville High School find themselves involved in a variety of activities throughout the community. With Fall, Winter and Spring team sports that the whole town cheers on, students often find themselves in the limelight of Mooresville sports at Mooresville High School. But sports are not the only option for these Hoosier students. Kids at Mooresville High School are encouraged to find their own niche in any of the activities offered at Mooresville High School, from art classes to forign languages.

Many graduates of Mooresville High School go on to pursue post-secondary education. Alumni of Mooresville High School represent their alma mater at some of the largest colleges and universities in Indiana and the United States. The tools they gain from their education at Mooresville High School help them to become life long learners and responsible citizens. These future leaders of the Indianapolis, the state of Indiana, the United States and the world are making Mooresville High School proud.

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Mooresville High School
550 N Indiana St
Mooresville, IN