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Mooresville, Indiana, though small in size, has a big, rich history. Famous as the place where infamous villainturned-folk hero John Dillinger grew up, Mooresville also has one other superstar as a previous resident: Arnold, the genius pig of TV’s popular show “Green Acres,” was a pedigree Chester White, and was raised on a farm in Mooresville.

The town has many Mooresville attractions and assets, the interesting Mooresville history not the least among them. The local Academy of Hoosier History is a case in point. Situated only ten miles southwest of Indianapolis, close to the Indianapolis International Airport, Mooresville held the nickname “Crossroads of Progress” for many generations, but is now known as the “Home of the Indiana State Flag.” It combines the benefits of safe, charming family life in a small Midwestern town with all that next door Indy has to offer. Small town neighbors in the Midwest also share their amenities with one another, too, and this is the case among Mooresville and nearby Greenwood, Whiteland, Bargersville, Franklin, Clayton and Plainfield, all small communities outlying southern Indianapolis.

At the 2000 census, Mooresville recorded some 10,000 inhabitants. Mooresville business is thriving, comprised as it is of a good number of unique stores and services, as well as a comfortable amount of industries providing a constant infusion of jobs and security. What attracts industry to Mooresville are the low utility rates and low taxes, as well as the town’s excellent accessibility for product distribution on a global level.

Mooresville recreation is also strong, family-centered and diverse. Various parks and facilities, including the Family Aquatic Center, popular among Mooresville children during the summer, have sprung up all around this town to feed the human need for beauty and activity. Sports for every age and inclination are offered, and of course, the Big City pro-sports are only a short jaunt away.

While Indy is a big draw for everything from Indianapolis sports to Indianapolis culture to the world-class Indianapolis restaurants, there are many reasons for Mooresville residents to stay in town. Not least among these reasons are the many Mooresville restaurants around town, which account for most of Mooresville’s nightlife, the rest going to giant metropolitan Indianapolis, only minutes away by car.

Mooresville festivals also abound. The Apple Festival and Craft Fair, for one, draws folks from all around Indiana to sample their classic candied apples, fresh from the nearby orchards. Such local festivals and fairs, where the communities come together to play, are a popular thing to do in Mooresville and all over the Midwest.

The small downtown Mooresville sector emanates a pleasing and nostalgic ambiance, with several historic buildings and an almost palpably slower pace than a bigger city. Mooresville, Indiana is best known, however, for its down-to-earth Mooresville people, the kind that make up most of the vast heartland of America.

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