Top Things to Do in Mooresville: Huge Water Slides, Kitschy Crafts, and Home Cooked Meals

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Mooresville, Indiana is a small, historic town located to the southwest of Indianapolis, the state capital of Indiana. Though it is so close to the Circle City, Mooresville has something of an entertainment industry all of its own. If you’re in the right mindset, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Mooresville. It’s not comprised of all night clubs, loud parties, or larger than life events. Rather, residents of Mooresville are entertained by the peaceful harmony of nature, the handiwork of their neighbors, a night of home cooked food with friends and family, or a relaxing day on the links. The atmosphere in Mooresville is altogether different from what you’d find in Indianapolis, and the residents of this community aren’t the least bit worried about it.

Mooresville Top Things to Do

Academy of Hoosier Heritage – Celebrating the vast, historic heritage of Mooresville and Central Indiana, this is a unique museum in the greater Indianapolis area.
Family Aquatic Center – The Aquatic Center is a fully equipped recreational facility, perfect for Mooresville kids. Featuring a massive water slide and a community pool, the Mooresville Family Aquatic Center is a great way to cool off during those hot days in July and August.
Public Library – Here is an unusually up-to-date library that offers so much more than a great collection of books. Events, e-book borrowing, classes and activities for the kids all happen under its sleek roof.
Zydeco’s World Famous Cajun Restaurant – Take a trip down to the bayou at Zydeco’s World Famous Cajun Restaurant, even though you’re dining all the while in downtown Mooresville, Indiana. This unique Mooresville Restaurant is one of few in Indiana that offers authentic Cajun food.



Of course, one of the best parts about living in Mooresville is its proximity to downtown Indianapolis. If you’re willing to make an easy ten minute drive, you can quickly immerse yourself in the stylized, vibrant activity of the Indianapolis nightlife scene. In the Circle City, you can stop by an Indianapolis bar to sample beers and wines from around the world, experience the changing musical climate at an Indianapolis music event, or do a little soul searching at an Indianapolis art museum. The six Indianapolis cultural districts are rife with the spirit of Indianapolis arts, and you can learn a great deal about Indianapolis history just by walking the streets of the downtown sector. The wide world of Indianapolis is completely open to residents of Mooresville, and a visit to this metropolitan area of Indiana is certainly one of the best things to do in Mooresville.

Mooresville, though located only ten minutes from Indianapolis, doesn’t even try to compete with the electrified atmosphere of its big city neighbor to the northeast. Instead, it has its own peaceful charm, its own set of activities, festivals, and traditions. Residents of Mooresville live here for the great Mooresville education system, for the low population and the sense of kinship that comes with it. However, there are still plenty of things to do in Mooresville: the Mooresville parks system features five unique parks and the Mooresville Family Aquatic Center for exhausting physical fun, and Mooresville restaurants can take you on a culinary trip of the United States in a single evening. Things to do in Mooresville attract a certain kind of person; every other type of person can go to Indianapolis.

Mooresville Things to Do

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